Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Red Hook Youth Court Spring Recognition and Induction Ceremony

On June 16th, 2015 the Red Hook Youth Court opened its doors to family, friends, guest and staff for our Spring Recognition and Induction Ceremony where we acknowledged our members for their hard work and dedication. Honorable Judge, Alex Calabrese was the Key Note speaker of the ceremony. He is a huge supporter of the Red Hook Youth Court and truly believes in the mission of the program. We had a full house, with laughs, smiles and hugs!

10 members are moving on to other endeavors, in which 4 of those 10 are graduating seniors from High School who will be starting college this Fall. 10 Members will be staying on to serve as mentors and 10 newly inducted youth court members who were sworn in by Sergeant William Bauman, of the Unified Court System will all be sitting on the Youth Court and beginning their journey this Summer.
Additionally, Jamilah Daniels and Ann Doc, graduating members from Youth Court and High School wrote speeches on their experiences within the program, the gratitude for the staff leadership and mentorship and appreciation for their fellow members throughout their term of service. Jamilah and Ann also gave advice to the newly inducted members on how the work they will be doing is extremely important but to remember to also have fun while doing it. As a final surprise staff presented the 4 of our college bound members each with a $100 gift card to Target to help them with school supplies and prepare for their first semester in college! It was a fun and inspiring time, we look forward to continuing the hard work in and out of the courtroom.


Stay Tuned for more from the RHYC!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Supporting the Staten Island Youth Justice Center at "Inside/Outside Legislative Theatre" Performance

On June 4th, a group of the Red Hook Youth Court members and staff went to see the "Theater of the Oppressed NYC" performance at the New School. Before attending this event, the youth court members had no idea that anything like this went on! While there, we learned that 12 different legislative laws were changed through something called "Legislative Theatre." The audience members get to be "spect-actors," which is great because the actual audience members got to participate in the play themselves and share their ideas.

The performances last night were put on by members of the Staten Island Youth Justice Center (part of the Center for Court Innovation Family). These two plays dealt with real life issues such as getting stopped for not paying your bus fare, arriving late to school and getting sent to the principal's office because of the "zero tolerance policy," getting into fights at school, not knowing one's rights, and being racially discriminated against by one's peers, and even police corruption.

Not only did the Red Hook Youth Court members serve as "spect-actors," but one of our very own Senior Members, Kellon Garrick, got up on stage and acted out his own version of the skit. The members were excited and didn't want to leave when it was time to do so. It is incredible to see our youth be so involved in what is going on in our world today and share their thoughts and opinions with others. These youth will ultimately be our future and this legislative theater process allows their voices to be heard, loud and clear! 


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Picture This" 2015 JustArts: Photography Program Exhibition

The Red Hook Community Justice Center’s JustArts: Photography Program allows high school aged students to learn more about their communities through the photos they take. Over the course of 12 weeks, these students became young photographers and learned about  the VISUAL and WRITTEN art of photography!

On May 26th we recognized all of the students hard work and dedication to the program in a culminating exhibition entitled “Picture This". The students explored their communities and highlighted different aspects of it, from transportation, to street art, culinary cultures, work life and community transition. The students were extremely proud and happy to put on a show!

Their work is currently being displayed at the local Brooklyn Public Library (Red Hook Branch, 7 Wolcott Street) indefinitely for community members enjoyment. If you are in the neighborhood and would like to see the young photographers work stop by!


This program was presented by the Red Hook Community Justice Center in partnership with the Brooklyn Arts Council and United Photo Industries. The program was made possible, in part by funds from the New York Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York Legislature and by New York Council Member Carlos Menchaca through the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.  

Friday, May 8, 2015

Our 6th Annual Youth Summer Internships and Jobs Fair was a Success!

Close to 200 young adults came out to our 6th Annual Youth Summer Internship and Job Fair in Red Hook this week!  
The Red Hook Community Justice Center began organizing the Summer Internship and Job Fair for the last 6 years in response to high unemployment levels among local teens and their strong desire to find work during the summer. Young People gain valuable skills that help them academically, professionally and most importantly, we want young people to have meaningful activities during their summer break. 
This year we had 18 organizations come out to recruit! A Special Thank-You to: Year Up, Green City Force, Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow, Catholic Charities: Young Adult Internship Program, 5th Avenue Communities Stronger Together and Adult Education Programs, Red Hook Initiative, Dance Theater Etcetera, Added Value,  State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, Project Reach Youth, Groundswell Mural Project, Youth Made Media, Teens Helping Each Other, Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets (YO SOS), the Youth Justice Board, the Red Hook Youth Court, the Red Hook Community Justice Center JustWorks: Summer Internship Program.
Please enjoy the photos below! 








See you at next year's fair!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Earth Day Celebration!

This past Saturday, April 25th Red Hook and our neighborhood partners came together for an Earth Day Celebration! There was Food, Fun and Music! The event was to promote awareness about earth day and ways to help better the environment. With that being said, The Red Hook Community Justice Center was out in full force!  Our Community Service Crew participated in a neighborhood clean up and Justice Center staff, including Women in Touch and our Youth Court Members hosted an arts and crafts activity table. Our “Plant A Flower for Your Momma” table allowed children the opportunity to plant wildflowers and decorate flower pots as an early Mother’s Day gift for their mother or someone special. In addition to getting their hands dirty we offered face painting to the children and distributed RHCJC tote bags filled with eco-friendly reading material and information about the Justice Center and all we offer! The event itself was extremely successful and our table was a hit! A special thank you to the NYCHA Farm, Red Hook HUB, Green City Force and the Red Hook Initiative for letting us be a part of the wonderful event!

Please enjoy the photos below!