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Visual Stories from Brooklyn & Beyond

Last week, the Justice Center held the culminating exhibition “Visual Stories from Brooklyn & Beyond” at The Red Hook Public Library, featuring the work of 12 students from the JustArts Photography Program, an after-school digital photography workshop for teens from Red Hook and neighboring communities offered by the Red Hook Community Justice Center in partnership with Brooklyn Arts Council. Each student presented their photos at the exhibition for guests.
Funding for this project was generously provided by Probitas Foundation, Ltd. The focus for this class was to present visual projects using ideas in documentary photography. Students choose their final projects to reflect a topic they felt needed to be addressed to a larger audience in some way, to advocate for social justice and express their own personal artistic expression. The photos will be on display for the community to view indefinitely along with copies of their artist statements, which can be found at the front desk of…

Farewell Lt.Vitucci

Last month the Justice Center said farewell to our beloved Lieutenant Robert "Bobby" Vitucci,he retired after 28 years as a New York State Court Officer. Vitucci has worked at the Justice Center for 8 years. He was an outstanding leader; he maintained a tone of approachability, respect, and compassion to all that walked through the Justice Center. His generosity and dedication were exemplified during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. He will be missed we look forward to him coming to check up on us. We wish him well in his future endeavors. See Lt. Vitucci's heartfelt words to one of our GED Plus graduates:
 Lieutenant Robert "Bobby" Vitucci being honored with the Above & Beyond Award for his exemplary leadership and tireless dedication to the Red Hook Community Justice Center in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Judge Calabrese and Tina Dixons Honored as 2013 Robin Hood Heroes

The Robin Hood Hero's Award is given annually to a few special New Yorkers who have overcome insurmountable obstacles and shown us the resiliency of the human spirit. It is an opportunity for Robin Hood to celebrate the programs that they support, as well as the people they assist. Their stories inspire us to do more. The Justice Center is honored to have Judge Calabrese and Tina Dixons names as 2013 Robin Hood Heroes.

Learn more:

Jessica Colon
Deputy Project Director

The Justice Center Saves Money, Lowers Crime, and Reduces Incarceration - Study

We're excited to announce the results of a multi-year, independent study about the Red Hook Community Justice Center. These results wouldn't be possible without the long-time collaboration between the Justice Center, the community, and law enforcement.  See the press release below for more details.

Summary of results:
Full Copy of the Report:

MORE EFFECTIVE, LESS EXPENSIVE— PIONEERING “COMMUNITY COURT” SAVES MONEY, LOWERS CRIME, AND REDUCES INCARCERATION New Report on NYC’s Red Hook Community Justice Center Shows Offenders 10-20% Less Likely to Commit New Crimes; Savings to Local Community Surpassed $12 Million Annually BROOKLYN – A pioneering “community court” in Red Hook, Brooklyn is being heralded for its innovative role in reducing crime and saving taxpayer money, according to a new, independent study released today by the National Center for State Courts and commissioned by the US Department of Justice’s National Insti…