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Earth Day Celebration!

This past Saturday, April 25th Red Hook and our neighborhood partners came together for an Earth Day Celebration! There was Food, Fun and Music! The event was to promote awareness about earth day and ways to help better the environment. With that being said, The Red Hook Community Justice Center was out in full force!Our Community Service Crew participated in a neighborhood clean up and Justice Center staff, including Women in Touch and our Youth Court Members hosted an arts and crafts activity table. Our “Plant A Flower for Your Momma” table allowed children the opportunity to plant wildflowers and decorate flower pots as an early Mother’s Day gift for their mother or someone special. In addition to getting their hands dirty we offered face painting to the children and distributed RHCJC tote bags filled with eco-friendly reading material and information about the Justice Center and all we offer! The event itself was extremely successful and our table was a hit! A special thank you to…

Youth Court Celebrates Law Day!

Law Day is May 1st and it was created by the American Bar Association to educate people about the legal system as well as to appreciate the freedom we have. This year’s Law Day topic is the Magna Carta,Magna Carta, meaning ‘The Great Charter’, is one of the most famous documents in the world. Originally issued by King John of England as a practical solution to the political crisis he faced in 1215, Magna Carta established for the first time the principle that everybody, including the king, was subject to the law. With staff, members of the Red Hook Youth Court discussed the topic of Magna Carta and  staff asked the youth court members to create poems describing the Magna Carta. Earlier this month, the Youth Court Members presented extremely creative and informative poems and some even created songs with catchy choruses. But the fun did not stop there, the members also had a very intense debate about whether or not uniforms should be required in schools or not. The kids each appropriat…
Check out what The Red Hook Community Justice Center Community Service has cleaned! Between Van Brunt and Van Dyke streets within the community. It is always a great pleasure to see how their work helps our community! Contact Melissa Torres (718) 923-8251 or Jackie Soto (347) 302-3973 if you need assistance

Computer Community Hours!

Today we began our Community Hours here at the Red Hook Community Justice Center. This new feature is held on Wednesdays from 10am -1pm. Our Mural Room is equipped with computers available to the public who would like to search for jobs, check emails, do research and much more. Staff is available for assistance. Please take advantage of this resource and stop by the Justice Center.