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Good-Bye Mr. Swanson

Today the Justice Center said a heartfelt good-bye to Mr. Peter Swanson. After six years of volunteering with our GED program, Mr. Swanson is retiring. Mr. Swanson tutored dozens of students in math and helped them earn their GED. Mr. Swanson previously worked as a NYC high school public teacher. Mr. Swanson's grandfather settled in Red Hook, and he was born and raised in Red Hook. Mr. Swanson often shared his stories of the "old" Red Hook with staff and students. Mr. Swanson also attended Visitation Catholic School, which is now the current home of the Justice Center. We can't thank Mr. Swanson enough for his service, we'll miss him dearly, and wish him the best.

Mr. Peter Swanson
Mr. Peter Swanson with Ms. Jasmin Bobis, GED Teacher; and Joshua Pacheco, GED Teaching Assistant Jessica Colon
Deputy Project Director