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JetBlue comes through for Red Hook

Thanks to Jet Blue, one of the final missing pieces of the Justice Center's post-Hurricane Sandy recovery has been set in place. As thisbloghasdetailed, our lower level was inundated with over five feet of seawater during the storm, and had to be completely gutted and rebuilt. Though it has certainly been a community-wide effort by all of the organizations that call this former Catholic school home to share resources and support each other in the recovery process, perhaps no group was more affected than our youth programs staff and participants, as their offices and the majority of their community spaces are located on our lower level. One of the most devastating impacts of the storm was the loss of our computer lab, a crtical resource used by many of our youth programs, including our JustArts photography program, our Make your Mark! drawing program, and many others. Yesterday, staff from Jet Blue delivered and set up fourteen new laptops in our renovated computer lab space, resto…