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Just Another Thursday in Red Hook...


The Best Court Officers in the World: The Community Court Difference (Part II)

As anyone who has spent time at the Red Hook Community Justice Center can attest, the community court difference starts with the court officers at the front door.  Time and time again, visitors from around the country and the world describe our officers as some of the most friendly, respectful, helpful, and genuinely compassionate people they have ever encountered.  And while the officers invariably go out of their way to avoid the spotlight, they deserve our acknowledgement, our praise, and our thanks.

Last Wednesday, Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes (center) honored Lieutenant Robert Vitucci (second from the right) and Officer Michael Delgado (left) of the Red Hook Community Justice Center with Law Enforcement Appreciation Awards.  The ceremony was held at Brooklyn Law School and was emceed by Juliet Papa from 1010 WINS radio.  Acknowledging Bobby and Mike's unwavering professionalism and overall excellence on the job, the DA's press release goes on to highli…

Community Justice: Back on the Scene in Red Hook

After a long hiatus (Hurricane Sandy wiped out our community service headquarters on the lower level of the building), the Justice Center's neighborhood restitution crew was back on the scene last week and making it happen on the streets of Red Hook!

Positive Youth Justice: A Legacy

This image of Red Hook is one of the many that permanently adorn the halls of the Justice Center -- all of which are the work of three prodigious young people from the neighborhood. Back in July of 2011, we commissioned Lonnell Myers (then-age 15), Edgar Rivera (then-age 15), and Jocleyn Rivera (then-age 16) to capture the depth and vibrance of their community. They spent that summer rendering an evocative series of photographs; their teacher, guide, and mentor was a member of the New York Juvenile Justice Corps, the great Leah Cohen. Leah has since gone on to join the Clinical Department and play a variety of roles at the Justice Center, including parts in the Adolescent Diversion Program, Young New Yorkers, and 14 Shades of Justice, a current collaboration with Brooklyn Arts Council. Indeed, Leah has made innumerable contributions to this place since her arrival in 2010.

But as we prepare to say goodbye (Leah is leaving to pursue a professional opportunity in the arts), I keep c…

Celebrating 13 Years of the Red Hook Community Justice Center

The staff of the Red Hook Community Justice Center gathered this afternoon for a luncheon in celebration of 13 years of problem-solving justice in southwest Brooklyn, and in honor of the extraordinary efforts of the Office of Court Administration and the Department of Citywide Administrative Services to restore and reopen the building after Hurricane Sandy
We honored Lieutenant Robert "Bobby" Vitucci with the Above & Beyond Award for his exemplary leadership and tireless dedication to the Red Hook Community Justice Center in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  In accepting the award, Lieutenant Vitucci emphasized that the 16+ agencies that inhabit the Justice Center "work together as one family, always." Presiding Judge, Hon. Alex Calabrese, reflected on the wide-ranging influence that the Justice Center has nationally and internationally, citing the 200+ site visits we host each year -- in May alone, the Justice Center will welcome visitors from NYU Law S…