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Youth Court Recognizes Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness month. Every year the youth court does something in recognition of these two issues. This time, on Thursday October 23, we designated the time spent with youth court members to address Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness. The Youth Court staff gave presentations on both topics and allowed time for questions and a discussion. The Youth Court members were very interested in learning more about both topics and had some very insightful questions. The members and staff wore pink and purple in honor of breast cancer and domestic violence awareness. Some of the members even sold pink and purple bracelets at school to raise money and awareness! Although we mainly focus on the ‘court’ aspect of youth court, it is also important that we make sure the youth court members are taking care of themselves and are educated about issues that may be relevant to them.

Sabrina Carter Youth and Community Programs Coordinator

A Scavenger Hunt for National Youth Court Month

On September 23, 2014, in recognition of National Youth Court Month the Red Hook Youth Court members participated in a Scavenger Hunt created for them by the Staff. The members were split in to four teams and each team walked through the local neighborhood solving riddles and receiving clues based on a fictional court case 283065 Youth Court vs. Michael Hunt.  Youth Court members at Checkpoint 1 Youth Court members at Checkpoint 1 Their job was to find out what offense Michael was sent to Youth Court for and where he was confronted by the police. At each ‘checkpoint’ they were given a riddle based on information about the youth court and if they were able to solve it they would receive the next clue. At the end of the hunt, once they received their four clues, they went back to the Red Hook Community justice center and wrote up a statement based on what they think happened on the day the respondent committed the crime. The team closest to the correct story would win the hunt a prize.  …

New Victim Services Program at the Justice Center

October is domestic violence awareness month and the Red Hook Community Justice Center is happy to announce it will start a new Victim Services Program later this year. The program will serve victims of crime, with a focus on victims of domestic violence. Serving both court-involved victims and community residents, the Crime Victim Services program will play a key role in providing a multi-disciplinary response to crime victims. More details to come. In the meantime, we’re hiring a Social Worker and Case Manager for this program. See links below for more details. The last day to apply is October 31.

Senior Crime Victim Specialist (LMSW)

Crime Victim Services Case Manager:

Jessica Colon,
Deputy Project Director