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Of College Trips & Art Shows: Red Hook Summer!

Last week, the members of the Justice Center's Summer Internship Program visited Hofstra and St. John's Universities.
In the words of one participant:
At Hofstra, we wasted no time getting accustomed to the college atmosphere. We had the opportunity to sit in a classroom while touring the halls. Immediately, we noticed how the college made it their mission to give students a community yet home feeling through their number of clubs and events. With access to almost everything feet away, it showed us how easy the college transition can be after all. We were even able to take a picture near one of the first buildings used as a classroom. Lastly, what impressed up the most was their enormous library that stretches up to three floors!

St. Johns showed us how even a small university can be so diverse, through their student’s ethnic backgrounds, wide-range of religion and home towns from places we never see familiar faces from. Located just train stops from the city it gives students the benefit of using New York City as their classroom. We were able to go inside a ministry on campus, filled with extravagant art and one of the large stadiums in which school sports play in. However, most unique of all their study abroad building had us all in awe – it mimic’s a Buddhist temple giving us a short look on what taking your studies out of New York can look like.
Sabrina Carter, Youth and Community Programs Coordinator, shared her perspective on the value of the college tours: 
I find the trip to be important for the youth in our programs because a lot of the time they do have college in mind, but sometimes do not think twice about leaving the city. I believe taking them out of the city to see these campuses and what they have to offer  opens their minds to the possibilities.


In other news, the Kentler International Drawing Space in Red Hook, in partnership with the Red Hook Community Justice Center, hosted an End of Season Art Exhibit for the 2013 JustArts Summer Drawing program this afternoon.


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